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Ocean Spirit Cape Town


Ocean Spirit in Cape Town offers  the first inflatable windsurfing rig. This was awarded the product of the Year 2016/2017. Arrow offers the iRig one, which is an inflateble windsurfing rig for young and old. Suitable up to 14 Knots of wind can be used on a SUP or an Windsurfboard.

Easy to learn,ultra light ,super secure –The iRig makes learning how to windsurf a piece of cake. Breing 70% lighter than any conventional windsurfing rig and with the ability to competely float  on the water .    Everybody young and old  can have fun in low winds, instantly.

Thanks to  “ A3 .Size  Packing diamentions the iRig is very easy to transport and store.

North Sails is all about innovaotion with an optimized restructuring of their porogram. they are always at the forefront of windsurfing Sail development.

This means: On one hand North Sails has s tand-alone products with all the latest developments. This includes unique rig components that feature proven, patented equipment, that has been extesively turend and perfected in terms of performance,induviduality as well as quality.

Norh Sails Moto is Bring it on, we’re ready. How about you?

At Ocean Spirit, we are are Fanatic. It is our iconic brand founded in 1981,giving us decades of board riding history, coupled with pioneering innovation and design.  We Stock Fanatic Windsurf Boards as they are Fanatical about windsurfing as we are. Fanatic are considered one of the world’s leading water sport brands. Fanatic prides themselves on constant evolution, creation of new concepts, and technological standarts.