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As a brand North Sails Kiting we have always stayed true to our foundations; true to the sport of Kitesurfing. We are driven by the vision of our designers, the skill and ambition of our teamriders and all those who appreciate the premium quality , performance and diversity of north Kite equipment.

At Ocean Spirit we stock the following North kites: Rebel , EVO  ,Vegas ,Dice ,Neo ,Mono and Dyno .

North Kites An explanation of the different products.

Vegas:   Waykestyle / Freestyle 

The kite of Champions, a pure wakestyle / freestyle kite with outstanding mega loop prerformance. Best unkooked  poerformance and pop , Responceive power release delay ,precise handling. C - kite  design ,5 strutt,  5 line kitebar.

Dice : Frestyle / Wave

A kite so versatile and with many flying characteristics perfectly balanced for freestyle/wakestyle moves but will also perform extreme good in waves. Great looping and jumpimg abilities ,very good unkhooked performance ,great drifting abilites ( for wave riding) direct and fasr turning . C-oriented design ,  4 or 5 line compatible  , 3-strut design.

EVO : Freeride / Freestyle / Wave

The best allrounder with a 5 strut design for exceptional wind range solid in-flight characteristics and precise power delivery. Most versitile and well rounded in the range .Execellent wind range and upwind performance .Fast turning and easy handling. Powerfull lift and hangtime. Delta kite ,4 and 5 line compatible, 5 strut design .

NEO:  Wave /Freeride

The Neo offers quick and responsive steering accompanied by smooth and  excellent power delivery Combined with impressive drift. Excellent drifting abilities (for wave riding) response steering when depowert  . Quick and consitent turning when powerd . Very powerfull ( choose 1-2  size smaller) Moderated Delta  design. 4 and 5 line compatible ,3 strut design.

Rebel : High Performance Freeride /Big Air

A high performance Freeride and Big Air kite all time classic Rebel performance delivery the typical characteristic and unmatched bar feedback. Best wind range, . Excellent hangtime and lift for highest longest jumps. Short bar stroke for great bar feedback . Flat kite design, loaded 5 line . 5 strut.

Mono: Freeride

Unike one strut design creates a top performance in the simplest package possible. Soft bar feel and linear power development .Excellent depower.Quick and easy to relaunch. Fast and reactive steering. Moderate Delta  desighn . 4 and 5 line compatible. Light and robust 1 srut design. Juice: Freeride / Light Wind Lightwind / freeride weapon with the feel of an even smaller kite . Easy handling in light winds. Excellent power in low wind & good low end . Fast turning for its size . Easy water relaunch for it zise. Moderate Delta design. 4 and 5 line compatible.


New since 2017 the Click Bar and the Quad control 5 th Element upgrade kit.


  • New  trim unit, depower and power at the flick of a switch. Trim unit safely and easily accesible/reaching in any situation. Offering new possibilities when using the Trim Unit
  • Drop into a wave and depower.
  • Delivery as adjustable 4 line set up , from 22m to 24m 
  • Upgradeable from 4 to 5 lines with in one minute (optional 5th Element upgrade kit) 
  • Compatible with most competitors kites .
  • Adjustable V of frontlines .


  • Upgradeable from 4 to 5 lines with one minute . 5th line is not the saftey line.
  • Red frontline  remains safety.
  • Flags out on the red frontlines .
  • Features relaunch handle (blue) to easily relaunch your kite.

Trust bar 5 TH ELEMENT:  19m , 22m , 24m , 27m

Features: Maxiumum  saefty , instant depower when needed. Maximum depower on short bar stroke , easy relaunch , patente 5 th line system, compareble with any kite model.

Trust bar  Quad Contro: 19m , 22m , 24m, 27m

Features: 4 line, single front line saftey, kite retains rlaunched position on water, easy to use,

Trust bar WAKESTYLE BAR  22m

Feartures: 5 line with low V , maximum power release delay ,maximum pop, developed by the Wakestyle/Freestyle Team, Hadlow 6 line setup conversion kit included.

Spareparts: Selected  range of spares.

Twintips Quckfinder :

  • Team Series: Competioin  Freestyle
  • TS Hadlow  : Competioin  Wakestyle / Freestyle
  • Gambler: Wakestyle/Park riding
  • Jaime : Frestyle
  • Jaime Textreme: Performance/Frestyle
  • Soleil: Freeride/ Entry Freestyle (Lydies)
  • Select: Freeride
  • X-Ride : Freeride
  • Gonzales: Freeride
  • Spike: Freeride /Light Wind
  • Spike  Textreme : High Performance Freeride /Lite Wind